Tweaking the swap file


Anyone know how to do this? I ask because I think a lot of the thrashing I'm experiencing is due to a non-optimal swap file size, but I don't know if there are any rules of thumb. What's the swap file called anyway? Where is it? How do I change it?

Any help appreciated.
Generally speaking, changing the size of your swap file won't change thrashing behavior. The problem is that the working set of your running programs exceeds your available core memory. If you want to reduce thrashing, buy more core. (RAM for you whippersnappers).

The reason to increase swap allocation is to allow for a larger virtual memory space. So if you run out of memory from running too many programs, or trying to run very large programs, that's an issue that can be solved by increasing swap size.
OK, so if I had 32 MB RAM that I upgraded to 96, what would be the most ecomonical upgrade? Which slot?

(clarification: I have already upgraded to 96 and want to upgrade to more)

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