two click mouse over apple one click


Hey just for kicks, I bought a two button Belkin mouse with scroll wheel for only $3au. Wow the response time is much quicker then apple pro mouse, why?

It's USB of course and run through the ports on the keyboard, but clicking is much more prompt, right clicking is quicker then control click, what went wrong there?

P.S. I'll admit that I did change the mouse while logged on and had a frozen curser so I had to force reboot to get it to work and don't tell anyone ok (?) ::alien::


Hey there...
Speaking of using the Belkin Wireless mouse, I just got one and haven't succeeded in getting it to work on my iBook. The installation CD didn't seem to have anything directed towards using it with a mac and it doesn't seem to plug&play.

I tried rebooting my computer with it plugged in but short of that I am lost as to what I should be doing. Any tips?