Two Different HD icons...


Hey, Look!
Recently I saw a screenshot of OS X where there was a different icon on each of the hard drives...

Does anyone know how to do that?

If they do please tell me!!!!!
I'm not at home, so I cannot test it, but I think it's the same as it's always been...Use show info, cut and paste the icon. No?
Stupid Apple (Sorry, they're not stupid. I'm just mad) didn't impliment that feature into OS X yet. The reason that it shows in OS 9 is because it's still assigning the icon to the drive. OS X just hasn't been programmed to SHOW the custom icon yet.

I have a feeling that'll be fixed in X.1... Atleast it'd BETTER be. ;)

As much as I'm hoping, I have small feeling that OS X.1 won't be delivered at MacWorld NY. That makes me sad. I want it soooooooooooooo badly. Also, I DON'T want to pay anything for it.. I already paid $119 for X.0.. Why should I have to pay more for an update that should have been in the FIRST release?
Get info...copy / paste (as in classic) works for almonst everything. It does not, however, work for volumes. There's a thread on here somewhere to make that work. It involves some Terminal work.