Two Installers?


With the MacOSX 1.0 install does anybody know or have any well informed predictions about whether we will have to install MacOS 9.1 from a separate CD-ROM in the OSX Box or will Classic be preconfig'd when I install OSX?

I'm only asking because currently I run MacOS 8.5 and Beta on two seperate drives at the moment. Also will we be able to boot into MacOS 9.1 from what's included with OSX or will we only be able to use it as classic?

hmm.. good question, but not one anyone outside Apple can answer right now. This is from Apple's site:

The Classic environment in Mac OS X is based upon an installation of Mac OS 9.1 (included).

Having 9.1 be a standalone install would certainly help push sales of OSX - "why get just 9.1 when I can get OSX and get 9.1 for free!"