Two Macs on Internet via one line...


I have a PowerBook thats connected to the Internet with a dial up connection. The PowerBook is also on a network, ethernet, with an iMac.

Is it possible to be on the Internet with the iMac through the PowerBook? And if so, how do I do it?

I´ve tried to set up the iMac with DHCP, but it has not connection with hosts outside the local ethernet.

Check for a program called gNAT. it will allow you to use the NAT system included in Mac OS X to make it a router. Although, please don't think that this is equivalent to a hardware router, it is not, and can put your machines in jeopardy of access on the Internet. If you wanna go with a hardware device for routing a modem connection try WebRamp, if they still make it.


PS - Oh and BTW, in case it isn't clear, when i talk about routing above I am refering to it in the traditional sense, but, gNAT will also let you share the web access point by the same means.
If you ever get a cable modem, there is a box out there for around $150.00 that provides a firewall with one IP address. You can have as many computers connected to your in-house network and the ISP won't know you have 3 or 4 computers connected to the same line.