Two questions


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Could someone enlighten me? I am curious as to what this means and what it is. In System Preferences, Sharing, Click on Firewall, what exactly is "Network Time" and what does it do? And should I have it checked?

Number two.
Under the Firewall screen from above, click on the Advanced Button, what is "Block UDP Traffic"
"Enable Firewall Logging"
"Enable Stealth Mode"

What are they and should I have them checked or not?

Thanks a lot for your help.

There's help on these topics in the System, I believe.

Basically, "Network Time" is about, well, network time. If you have a network time server running and want clients to be able to get the time from your computer, you have to let traffic flow for this.

If you don't know what it is, you can safely block UDP traffic. Firewall logging would save activities of the firewall for your later information.

Stealth mode disables some other network things so your machine shouldn't be seen in the network. I'm not entirely sure how (and how well) it works, but you can turn it on and see if everything network-related still works fine for you afterwards...

But basically: Read up in the Mac's help system. :)
UDP traffic can be used by programs like Quicktime for streaming so you might not want to turn it off.

Stealth mode works by ignoring connection attempts to your computer. It makes it seem to the person trying to connect that there is no computer at your IP address when really there is.

Firewall logging is just keeping a log of all attempts to connect to your computer from outside machines.