two quick questions


1) I am trying to add sounds to AOL Instant Messenger. It asks me to put all my custom sounds in the sounds folder (library/sounds/). Am I suppost to put AIFF files in there or...what? WAVS?

2) I was about to buy a printer but then relized that the printer says its for 8.0 or higher. More than likely it doesnt support Mac OS X. So, I turned to my Logitech Quickcam to find it doesnt work with Mac OS X either. Nor does my Sony Spressa CD-RW....AHH! Yes, Mac OS X looks very cool and it comes with some cool applications but I NEED HARDWARE. How can I get my cam, cd-rw and printer up and running? I will support Apple by upgrading but Ill need some report in return.

If you guys can help, reply....thanks
What kind of printer were you looking at? Many different Epsons, HPs, and a few others are already supported, and there will be a couple hundred more added in the September 10.1 update. The Quick Cam is a possibility, because I think they're going to add better support for USB cameras. As for the CD-Writer, go to and take a look at Toast 5 Titanium. It might support the drive already, and there's an OS X preview version available, so I'm told. Apple will be adding CD-R support to the 10.1 finder as well.
If that Sony CD-burner uses FireWire or IDE, it's probably supported by Toast 5. Some people say it works with their USB-burners, too - but on my machine Toast 5 crashes (I hava a LaCie USB CD-burner).

Maybe you should consider buying a HP printer, I've heard they're trying really hard to get the best OS X support as possible with their devices.

My Epson (740) printer works great with the drivers that came with the OS X install cd, but those were written by Apple engineers, not Epson engineers (lack of commitment to OS X on Epson's side?)