Two things... a question, and a statement


Back to Mac Baby!
First, for all Microsoft Mouse users I got this in my inbox this morning

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Wish .

Microsoft has not yet announced a release date for Intellipoint drivers
for Mac OS X, but when those drivers are released, they will be posted
for download at I
recommend that you return to that site periodically for additional

So... while it's not exactly defining at least we can expect them.

Second, I've had a problem on my PowerBook FireWire. I'm still running 10.0.4; (Haven't gotten my checkcard yet, so Apple can't get my $20 unless I drop it off in person... ;) ) and when I close the cover, and wake up the machine at a later time, I loose all sound... It only happens when Classic is running, so I'm wondering if that's something that's fixed in 10.1.