Two Tuesdays in a row!! The apple store is down again! What's new now?? Guesses?


It's down again! The apple store is gone. In about an hour or less something new is out! Maybe a intel mac! I'm kidding. But what are they upgrading now? Powerbooks maybe? A possiblity or ipod's? I wonder.. :)
Finally a two button mouse! Sensor touch!! I'm tempted to buy one! Wow apple's gone nuts! first intel and now this yikes! I LOVE IT
Now that's VERY interesting. Heck, I'm sure even a lot of people would buy it for their PCs if they were to try it out. Maybe I'll buy one. ;)
not just 2 buttons. By my guess 4-5 buttons. Left, Right, Scroll click, and possibly left side and right side (i don't know if they work together though)
My god, as small as this might seam to other users to me this is more shocking than the Intel switch! Ladies and gentlemen Apple is changing drastically it seams that everything we require from a Mac is now fulfilled.

Well…I am one happy camper.
I JUST bought a Logitech MX518. Oh well, its a badass mouse anyways, i suggest you try it, you can change the sensitivity, or resolution on the fly.

And hell freezes over, 2 button mouse, intel chips, whats next?
I'm willing to bet nothing. A mouse that I'll never purchase was last week. The Mac Mini got an update to everything but what I wanted... the video card. And Intel Macs can't come fast enough.

Rumor away. I say nothing is coming.