Two weird and annoying problems


1) When using Netscape, occasionally the cursor just plain disappears. Often random acts of clicking on the desktop, dock, and other apps will bring it back, but other times I have to quite Netscape. (Oops. Just after posting I found this behavior in another Classic app.)

2) At first I thought it was just CodeWarrior, but then Netscape started doing it too. I'm not totally sure of the exact pattern, but it seems to be that neither of them can open text files that are created outside of MacOS, for example by vi or by ftp'ing or scp'ing from a non-Mac machine. I assume this is because these files don't have a Mac OS File Type attribute. Unlike #1, I don't think this is Classic related, since CodeWarrior is not a Classic app.

Does anybody know of any workarounds, or heard any rumors about when they'll be fixed?