Mad Mod Mojo
Does anybody know when the insanely great app


is coming to Mac OS X?

I've been without it for 5 days and I'm dying...
I remember that tool. That <em>was</em> pretty handy. I haven't heard anything...

Is there anything under x-windows or other unix windowing enviroments that have a similiar functionality? I'm willing to try to port it to OSX, but I need to find a place to start. I've done a bit of looking, but I haven't found anything so far.

<p>I too am dying for a TypeIt4Me-like utility for OS X. I can still manage to use it under Classic, but I find myself trying to use my usual shortcuts under OS X as well. Old habits die hard...</p>
<p>I am no programmer, but I've been told by one that TypeIt4Me intercepts keyboard strokes at a low level (whatever that means...), which is an absolute no-no in OS X.</p>
<p>However, we could ask <a href="http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~r-ettore/">Riccardo Ettore</a>, the author, if he should consider proting it to OS X. I'd love that.</p>