ugh! - How do you burn an ISO file or copy a cd in X?


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I'm really really trying to "think different" but just can't figure out how to make a cd from an ISO file without first mounting it and then copying it's contents to an empty cd that's in my cdrw drive on my desktop.

This just doesn't make much sense to me :confused: . I should be able to just ctrl-click on it and get a pop-up menu item that let's me burn it.

And while I'm on my rant :D I want to know how to copy a cd without first copying it to my harddisk using diskcopy.

Thanks in advance!

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It looks too me as though Disc Copy does know how to deal with .iso's. Just fire up Disc Copy, then choose "Burn Image..." from the Images menu, and it'll prompt you for a file. Give it the location of the .iso, and follow the prompts from there. I just tried this, and it seems to work, although I didn't actually take the time to actually burn the cd.

As for the second question... I don't know if you can right now, but as Roxio's Toast nears completion, I would expect that functionality to return (Direct disc copy works in Toast for MacOS9x, but not in X... yet).