UH-OH sound problems


Big problem.
I was messing with the info.plist for itunes because i wanted to make it open, just not in the dock.

anyway, so i did that, but i couldnt get my songs to play, so i undid what i had just done, and got it to open again normaly.

however, when i tried to play a song, it wouldnt play..the play button changes to the pause button but the status on the top, of how far the song is through, that doesnt change. Basically the song wont play. i got rid of every possible associated file of itunes, and i downloaded it again form software update. i installed it and everything seemed to be promising.

i open up itunes and the songs still wont play. UH-OH

I open up quicktime and try opening an mp3, no go. it shows that its playing but no sound. Uh-oh

now i thought maybe im stupid and my sound is turned off, i go to the system prefs and i make sure that the sounds are up all the way.

i check the alerts. They dont make any noises either...so i have come to the conclusion that i have ruined all sound on my computer in mac osx.

I boot back into os8.6 and all sounds work fine......

Anybody know a way to slap the system upside the head and get it to start playing sounds again?

My system stopped emitting sounds (alerts and iTunes) after it woke from sleep.

I'm afraid to reboot because of other ongoing problems with my system where a reboot = { reinstall 10, upgrade to 10.0.4, reinstall PHP }.