uhhhhhh this is a joke right?

saweet! I know from experience that those keycaps wore off in like a month, so this one must have hardly ever been used.

(the PET2001 was one of the first 3 'home computers' introduced in 1977 that you could actually go to a dealer, take home in a box, plug it in & turn on. Without building it from a kit, flipping hex switches and so on. The other two were the Radio Shack TRS80 Model 1 and the Apple ][. You get zero guesses which is the only one of those 3 companies is still in the computer business today ;)
Hey there is a "pi" key on the PET :p he he he

I want an apple Lisa (Mac XL) lol :p

PS: My newton 2100 ROCKS!!!!! :D
My fondest old computer memories are with an Apple II GS. Ahh, the age of discovery. At least I have GUS and Bernie ][ the Rescue now!