Ultra66 3rd party HD via Sonnet Tempo host card


I wonder if anyone has a problem similar to mine: I recently decided to dive in and install the OS X public beta so I bought a Sonnet Tempo Ultra66 ATA host PCI card and a nice big 30GB hard disk. I installed both into a blue and white G3 - both work fine. I partitioned the disk to allow the first 8GB for OS X but when I use the OS X installer, all it can see is my original 6GB hard disk - there is no option to install onto my new hard disk partition.

Here are a few suspects.
FORMATTING: At present, the new partitions are all formatted as Apple HFSPlus. But I know I could have formatted them as Unix disks?
DRIVERS: Maybe my disk drivers need updating?
FIRMWARE: Likewise, might my firmware be out of date? I’m sure I updated it to recently.
MASTER/SLAVE settings: I read of a conflict issue between a DVD drive set to be the “master” disk and an ATA drive set to “slave”. Right now, because they’re on different ATA buses, both the original hard disk and new Ultra ATA drive are both set to “master”.

Other than this, I’m pretty confused but not exactly surprised. I wonder if anyone else has any experience of this problem?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give! - Chris

B&W G3 300
320 MB RAM
6GB OS 8.6 Master
30.6GB OS 9.04 (UltraATA66) Master