Umax Astra Scanner support in OS X?


Hey all

Tried to contact UMAX re OS X drivers for their Astra scanner range, but so far no dice -- in fact their "contact" & "feedback" options don't even work, and their publicised webmaster address fails... which is kind of worrying.

Does anyone know any more?

I have a Umax Astra 1220U.

Ta ta
Feel lucky. An email I revieved from umax tech support said their plugins did not even work with os 9.2.1 much less OSX. don't hold your breath.

from umax tech support:
9.2.1 is not supported at time.

a very impolite 3 line email. I returned the scanner and will never buy a umax again.

I searched the Mac OS X discussion on Apple's support site, and Umax come out of that looking very shabby. No plans for OS X support, despite initially saying they would announce their plans within 90 days of the OS launch... well that was March 2000!

So I guess Umax suck, and I have a useless scanner if I upgrade to OS X. Oh well. At least it didn't cost much!
Even though I have a Umax Scanner, and liked it in Mac OS 8 and 9, I ended up giving it to my fiancee who's on a Windows Moi machine. Unfortunately, it's of limited use for even her, because Windows takes control of the scanner with it's built in scanning software (which is shabby), and won't let the VistaScan work (which is less shabby). And again, thank goodness the thing was cheap.
I have had success with vistascan Umax 3.5.1 on a astra 600s under OS 9.2.1. I would think you should be able to run a 1200 it being a newer model.I don't know any thing more than you about OSX support.
I wonder if Umax scanners are widespread enough for a generic driver to be included with future OS X installs -- in much the same way as for example certain printers are supported?

Now I don't know a lot about drivers etc., but shouldn't it be possible for Apple to include a generic TWAIN driver in the OS that will support scanners such as the UMAX products?

Pie in the sky I guess, seeing as Apple don't even support video hardware they incorporate in their own machines... (I'm talking ATI Rage Pro etc. You know what I mean ;) )
All of the printer drivers included with X were developed in-house by their respective companies. I think it would be possible for Apple to include a generic set of drivers for scanners or adopt a shareware app like Vuescan to be included with the OS.

I think this is A Good Thing™. I wish Apple would support their developer base a bit more. Why isn't an applications CD included with OS X with a pile of shareware/freeware apps like Omniweb or Vuescan, to save the non internet-savvy people from downloading? These applications would, of course, have to be the best of the best, meeting a very high quality and usabiliy level. Perhaps it would bring a sense of family to the Macintosh developers out there, a sense of appreciation to all the shareware/freeware developers too. Anyone agree or am I just full of shit?

The reason why VueScan doesn't support Astra scanners is kind of why I doubt that a generic driver would work. According to VueScan's website, they aren't supporting Umax's stuff because the communication between the scanner and the computer is non-standard. Not that it can't be done, but it makes it unlikely.
I got this response from the US support guys at Umax, seeing as the UK guys have been ignoring me, and their site doesn't work. Good news?

OS X drivers are currently under development. Please continue to check for further releases.

Please contact technical support at 214-739-1915.

UMAX Technical Support