UMAX Doesn't Support OS X!


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Look at this email that I received from UMAX regarding their failure to-date to put out OS X drivers for many (if not all) of their USB scanners (there are NO UMAX OS X drivers for my Astra 3450 scanner!)

Subject: RE: Mac OS X 10.1 USB scanner drivers!

"Unfortunately we are unable to provide support for Apple's OSX system architecture at this time. I can only imagine that support will eventually be offered but none exists at this time. There is no information available as to when support will be offered, or on which models will be covered.

Presumably, the newer models and new-for-2002 models would likely be covered first. You may want to check for possible drivers. They are asking for a registration fee to use their software, and support for it will not be provided by Umax, Inc. However, in our labs this software has worked with certain system / scanner combinations."
I can hold a grudge a lot longer than UMAX can! F*cking bastards! I have a virtually new firewire scanner and I expect to see some drivers from UMAX. I did not pay $250 to get 4 months of use out of that scanner!

On the other hand, I can take the glass off, fill the scanner up with horse shit (I have a source) and mail it back to them with a big sticker of a blue X!
Umax told me they WERE developing OS X drivers -- do a search for my posts (there aren't many!) and you'll see exactly what they told me in another thread re Umax scanners and OS X.

Ta ta