Ummmm.... OSX is f*&(*^*&d


Ok, where to start.

Lat night I was using OSX, then i restart into 8.6 (mum needed to use puter), tried to get back into OSX, and it froze at the smiley mac screen, the Circle thing was spinnin, but nuttin was happenin. So i formatted my OSX partion, (bad idea i know, but i have a F**&*ing short temper), and i try to reinstall, and the circle thing just sits there spinning!!!!!!

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG!!!!!. i mean SHIT!!!! i had sooo many libraries installed, and it died on me, with no error at all, it just didnt boot!!!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated

Thankyou for your time
Are you sure it locked up when loading? It wasnt' just taking a while to load?

I got OSX working, all I had to do was re-plug in my external SCSI drive and it booted perfectly, so problem solved.

Must email apple about this small bug.