Unable to boot to 10.3


Ok, first off please keep things simple...I am not famaliar with Mac's.
I bought a G3, 400Mhz, 1Gigram, 20G HD with os 10.3 on it to learn Mac's and get mroe famaliar with them as I run across them in networks occasionally..

I was trying to get the DVD player to work, all I found was DVDPlayer under what looked like OS9 folder..well I found a option that let me reboot and go into OS9, so I tried it...well, things went downhill from there.

The computer now stays at a blue screen with the smiling computer...it does not boot into OS9.
I cannot get it back into OS X, I have done the Command, Option, O, F i think it was and reset the NVram, reset to defaults and such
I have not been able to get ANY other Key Combo to work...tried holding X down at boot, (Option X also i was told) along with lots of other key combo's..with no luck.

What I would like to know is how, if any way, I can get OSX back up and running...I got computer off Ebay, so I do not have any CD's...I was thinking of getting 10.4 but would rather not spend the cash at the moment.

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.


Hi Unbelievr and welcome to the forum.
You mentioned few key-combos while booting. However, you did not mention the "Option" key to enter the boot manager, which is scanning for any bootable system.
Simply boot your system and hold the Option (Alt) key.
Good luck!


Thanks for the response...Yes, I tried holding down Option key and nothing comes up..it still goes to the blue screen with the smiling computer.

Is there anyway I can change settings from the command prompt (Command, Option, O, F) to set it to boot to OS X? Or a Bootdisk I can make or download? I do not have any CD or DVD for the OS, and would hate to have to spend the cash on buying one..