Unable to Burn a Dvd From Something Made In Imovie


I have imported 16 bit video footage from my video camera into imovie. Added audio from itunes 48,000 cps . It all plays well in imovie, sound is fine.
I have then imported this into idvd played the video and the audio is out of sync, and very distorted and slow sounding.
I went on regardless and burnt a disk image in idvd. Sound was ok but then I couldn't burn this the content of this disk image without errors.
I tried in disk utility, finder, and toast. None of them worked.
I then went back to imovie, reimported the video into my camera and then imported it into idvd and tried to do the 1 step dvd. Error messages.
I still had the footage in the camera so I imported it into toast and tried to burn it there, no luck still error messages.
I have done a lot of reading in different forums, I have done a reasonable amount of video work and burnt successfully without any of these problems until about the same time that I upgraded to tiger.
I then tried the following that different people have suggested for other problems but I decided one of these things might work for me.

1. Do a disc repair using disk utility.
2. Do the same using boot up disc.
3. Go into itunes and make sure the audio is .aiff 48,000 and video footage in camera is 16 bit.
4. Go to home > library > Cache and toss it in the trash
5. Whilst in the library go to the preference folder and take out the by host folder and put that in the trash.
6. Still in the library take out the com.apple.idvd.plist and imovie.plist and chuck the 2 of them
7.Now in imovie reimport audio from itunes .
8.Export it to idvd - note, if it doesn't play well here, I don't worry, mine was never in sync. I just move on
9.Save it as a disk image.
10.When finished then play in dvd player to see how it plays
11. I then did the burn in toast.

I did finally get my dvd. BUT only 1 copy I do have to go through all this before I can burn another!!!

I still need a lot of help so I can just import from imovie into idvd and burn like everyone else can, and like I have been able to do before tiger!!!

I would be just so very grateful if someone there could help me. I hope someone there has dealt with a problem like this so it won't take up too much of their time.

Many thanks