Unable to connect...IP 169


2 months ago I bought a Netgear MA111 USB wireless NIC and used the PRISM 802.11B drivers to connect my B&W G4 running OS 10.3.9 to my Netgear MR814 wireless router. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a loss in connection upon start-up and had to unplug the USB card and then plug it back in to connect. 3 days ago I lost connection totally. The card still sees my network but is obtaining an IP address begining with 169. I've researched a little on the matter and it lead me here. I have 5 other computers that can connect just fine so it's not my ISP, Modem, or Router. When setting up manually I get "The IP address and router address are not consistent with the subnet mask you entered." I got this info by accessing my router on another computer so I know the IP/DHCP/Router IP are all correct. Any sugestions? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here as it's always the thing right in front of me that I miss.
If you have a 169.254.x.x address, that means that your computer is set up to receive an IP address using DHCP but can't communicate with a DHCP server. By default, if a computer cannot get an IP address using DHCP, it defaults to what is called an APIPA address, which is this address you have. Is your router providing IP addresses using DHCP, or are you assigning them statically on your own?
The router and network is set to assign IP address using DHCP. All other computers on the network work including 4 Windows machines and an iMac. I tried shutting everything off, then one by one turning the cable modem back on, then router then machines...all other machines were able to get an IP but the G4 I'm having problems with.