Unable to connect to Wanadoo Broadband


Contracted to a 12 month contract (ends November 2005) and have now stopped my direct debits, as have NEVER been able to connnect to their Broadband (had no trouble with dial-up). They cannot give technical support to Apple Mac users. I have a G5 OS X Panther. Have loaded the modem hundreds of times and get the same message:

"Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server. Please verify
your settings and try again"

Can somebody please help me?

Kathy :)
in the instructions for your router/modem there should be an ip address e.g. ""
if so you will have to configure-ate the router/modem e.g. turning firewall/s off or if it is wireless you will have to tell the router to let your mac go online and turn all firewalls off you dont need one because there are no viruses for mac osx we had the exactly the same problem.
i hope this works if not i would get a mac specialist out but quite alot of money $£$£$£