Unable to create a new user



I was trying to create a new account using Multiple Users, and even if new folders were created in Users, they never appered in the list of user, and I wasn't of course able to log under these accounts. I've never been able to log under any account except root and my own. I tryed this as root too. No results. Any idea or this is a bug?
Unfortunately, a home folder does not a user make. You need to give them passwords, Library folders, all sorts of stuff for the system to recognize a user. Fortunately, there are utilities to do this. Have you tried using the "Multiple Users" application in /Applications/Utilities (or perhaps in Grab Bag? I can't remember...)
This is the tool Apple provides. It is ridiculously easy to use. There is also a command line tool, but I am a bit rusty on that one...

Actually, it looks rather to me as if he *had* been using that program... and it should work. I've used it to create a couple of dummy users, and they're entirely functional.
I don't know what to tell you, except try looking at the Apple support site--or try trashing that program and reinstalling. :( sorry...
Good point Ben. Sorry I missed that, lato. I hope you weren't insulted or anything.
I see what you mean now. Really sorry for the mixup, guys.
Fortunately, a reinstall of OS X is easy. Because that problem has me fooled. My multiple users works like a champ.
(Does anyone know more about the command-line user tools?)
Good luck,

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Ok, it's a problem we can't explain... I just wondered if there was a know bug or something... Seems like everythings works fine with everyone... So I'll might take the time to reinstall. But by the way, when I first installed, it got stuck for at least half an hour before it started.... Notice that I installed it on the same disk/ partition than an almost filled "Mac OS 9" drive, and that I only have 64MB of RAM. But that seems long because peolple claim it is a fast install.

I submitted a bug at Apple for the Multiple Users. Thanks for that again!

I reinstalled. Not what we could call "clean install" (i.e. not formatting of the HD) and it gave no result: problems are the same... I can't understand... I'd like to try to create users with NetInfo (it's one of it's functionnalties, right?), but I lack of Unix knowledge, sorry.