Unable to delete user?...


I'm 1/4 Basque you know?...
Got an 867. 1.5Gb, 60Gb.

Experienced with Macs, but not with Unix! Also, first time I've ever posted ANYTHING on the web! Jadey, mentioned that a similar thread need not be posted here.

Where then? Please help someone.

Assuming you have a root user set up open terminal and type:

sudo rmdir -R "path of user's home you wish to delete"
type in root password

The path for the users home is usually:
sudo rmdir -R /Volumes/"name of HD"/Users/"name of user"

If your HD or user's home has spaces in the name don't forget to enclose the name with quotation marks. Be careful though, the command

rmdir -R

will delete everything in the directory, including other directories, so be sure that you've got the correct user's home defined. HTH.
there's no way i'm dabbling with root access. but if that's the only way then i guess i'll have to. My HD is very neat. no stray files ANYWHERE!

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is just the coolest online demo game ever.
Try it out, and thanks for the solution.

You couldn't delete the user from the Users control panel? What was the error?

Also re: topic placement, I just meant that it should be in a different category. This is the Site News category. When you get to this site, click on "Mac Community" then there's a whole whack of forums to choose from in there. "MacOSX Troubleshooting" would be a good place for this ?. :)