Unable to get to login screen


Here's my problem. I am running Panther. I booted up the computer, and got a folder with a question mark on the screen. Nothing else.
I popped in the OS X cd that came with the machine, and ran the disk repair utility. It repaired something with the catalogs. I rebooted, and now, I have a new problem.
I get a blue screen. The "Mac OS X" splash screen comes up, the progress bar gets very close to the end, and it stops. I have let this run for over an hour, nothing happens.
I tried booting into safe mode, no luck. Same thing happens.
I am able to boot into single user mode. Ran fsck, repaired permissions, and tried the suggestions on Apple's site to resolve startup issues (mostly moving .plist files around). Didn't help at all.
If I boot verbosely, it displays what looks like normal output, my HD seems to be mounting fine. I think maybe it's a problem with the login window, but I have no clue how to proceed.
Anyone out there have any ideas?