Unable to Record With Ipod


I have the big white iPod, not the mini. And the Belkin gizmo (line in for mic and line out for headset). Wether I use a mac microphone that I allready had and that I know works, or a brand new one I bought at Radio Schack, this is the result : everything works as it should. The ipod brings up the 'Recording' interface, and I click 'record'. The counter starts, the green LED is on on the Belkin gizmo, and I start talking, and recording, right in the mic. After a 30 seconds test. I press pause. Then save. Then try to listen to the test. And all I hear is ... nothing. A big ssssshhhhh. But no voice. No background noise. Nothing. I have tried over and over. And like I said, even bought a new mic. I have tweak the 'grain' level of the Belkin gizmo. Nothing changes. It's like the sound isn't recorded at all. So, what am I doing wrong. This is so frustratin. I really want to use my ipod as a memo recorder. My ipod software is 3.0.2., Model M9282C. An 18.5G capacity, and it is almost empty. I did activate the 'memo' function and all. Hmm.