Unable to Save Document In Ms Wordmac


I have an iBook with MS Office 2001, and while using Word to save a document (600k), I receive the message that the memory is full and too many files are open. Yet I'm not running any other applications, and the memory on the iBook is 41G (it has a 60G HD).

The Office application is running OS 9, while the iBook itself is Jaguar OS-10.2.(or whatever the last upgrade was). In order to preserve my work, I had to copy-paste it into email and send it to myself.

I downloaded a patch for OS 9 (making it 9.2.1) but can't seem to open that application; I get the message that there isn't one to open it. I tried using Microsoft Office 2001, Excel and Power Point but nothing worked (it wouldn't let me even try Word).

Long story short, I don't understand why I can't save the document, nor do I get the "memory full, too many files open" message. I appreciate any help you can give, and feel free to keep it simple...
If your iBook came with 10.2, then it already has 9.2.2 installed as Classic.

Because Word 2001 is a Classic app it requires manual memory control.

Find the actual Word 2001 application in the Finder, and then go to the File menu down to Get Info. In the Get Info panel you'll see an option arrow next to memory... click the arrow. You can then set the memory amounts for Word 2001.

The amounts are in KB, so keep that in mind went setting the sizes (I would suggest setting the minimum at twice the suggested size and the preferred size to something like 65536 KB).