Unable to start Windows File Sharing


I have a MAc OS X 10.2.8 Beige G3 that works fine.. except I cannot start Windows File Sharing. I have a modem attached and this machine acts as my Internet sharing machine... I have several other Macs on the Ethernet side that hit the Internet via this one. I also have a few shares on this Mac, using it as a poor-mans server. I have a Win XP laptop that I want to conenct with.

I am almost positive that I did this before and it worked. One difference I can think of is that since that time, I used a net faq to enable the Interrnet sharing automatically on boot. If I remember correctly, I modified the hostsconfig (?) file to set ISHARING (again, ?) to YES. This way if the machines get rebooted, the Internet sharing starts automatically. Maybe this has messed up the Windows File Sharing?

Anyway, when I go into the Sharing system prefs, Service tab, I see "Windows File Sharing". WHen I try to check the box, it unchecks itself. When I click Start on Windows File Sharing, nothing seems to happen. The only service (on this page) enabled is Personal File Sharing. Again, Macs connect with no trouble.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.