undefined symbols


when I tried to compile the main.cpp source code I got this message:

/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:

I have no idea what to fix or do please somebody help me! this is frustrating!


ps. I have put the function declarations in a "headers.h" file. I also have a functions.cpp file.
I got the "undefined symbols" error alot too (i was working hours on it yesterday i know how frustrating it can be)! I think its pretty much exactly what it says. I had a couple of those, i managed to fix all of em except for one. I fixed them by searching for the main argument/message (Display Dooperation whatever those mean :p ) and then finding if they were properly declared/defined. And then of course see if there is any "undefined symbols" or characters that shouldnt be there. However i got so frustrated with it, I gave up and am rewriting it from the ground up again. Hope that helps.

A symbol in this case means a function name. An undefined symbol means that the compiler can't find the function you are trying to call. Either you aren't linking to a needed library or, if your project has multiply source files, you may be forgetting one. I'm not a C++ person (C, objC) and i don't recognize the function names so I can't help much.