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Hi everyone!
I have accidentally erased a BIG folder (a couple of gig's) where we kept the last months of our lab's data. I moved it to the trash and as it was too big to fit, i 'accepted' and away it was... when i realized what i did by error, i just left the mac on, and it's still on, untouched, waiting for some way to fix it up. it is running OS 9 point something if i'm not wrong. Maybe it's even OS X with the OS 9 face, i'll check it up 'tough.
Anyway, i'd like to know if there's any way to recover from this!

any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Right now i don't have it installed.
Will it be able to undelete things deleted before it was installed? if so, the actual physical disk space it will take may overlapp the 'free' space left after the delete operation, which of course nullifies the possibility of recovering at least some of the files.

if you know the program, can it be run in a network? say, i install it in different mac in the local network, and use it to check the damaged disk drive remotely? or does it come with a 'rescue' option created for this cases where it runs from the cd or i don;t know what???

thanks again, Uriel
Hmmm... While I am not totally sure about undelete, I think ablack has the right idea... If you can't/don't want to use an undelete program because you are afraid to lose the data, then either wait till someone who is very fluent in undeletion to reply here incase there is a network available undelete thing, or go all the way, and if its VERY important data, call a data recovery specialist... :confused: sorry thats all I can think of, as I have never heard of a network undelete thing...
I don't know if it runs on a network but you can undelete programs that were deleted before installing Norton Systemworks. I would run the undelete programs from the Norton disk though by starting up with the cd in and holding C and running the software on the CD to make sure Norton isn't installed over your deleted file.:)
There are 2 possible ways to solve this, as i see it, after buying the system works, of course. Before i buy the product i want to know i can actually use it, and do so the correct way as there is no 2nd chance here.

1)insert the norton cd and shut down the mac. turn it on again and pressing some buttons (here is where a good soul tells me which ones) the mac will boot from the norton cd and won't touch the existing drive (not even for a swap file nor anything) so that i don't loose any data (please correct me if i'm wrong - i realized it is extremely important that the knowledge of the procedure be VERY accurate beforehand so i can be sure that doing this won't hurt my still there somewhere data). i select from the menus the unerase feature and everything that can be recovered will be.

2)Install system works in another mac (we have some others of similiar or identical model), shut it down, take the HD out. Shut down the damaged mac, open it, and put the HD where system works is installed as the master HD, and set the damaged one as slave (i know i'm using PC terms here, but it can be done the same in a mac, right? do you know how?). the mac should boot now from the Master HD with system works, and shouldn't be touching the damaged HD. here is where i run system works and recover my files. The catch with this is that probably the transplanted HD will sense it is on a new mac and start recognizing stuff, looking for stuff, trying to configure itself, and on the process use or write or query the damaged slave HD and this is where i loose my data. What would happen, i wonder, if i connected the transplanted HD and disconnected the damaged one. Then i turn the mac on and all the 'recognition' process happens without the damaged HD being even connected. after the storm's gone, i connect the damaged HD and restart the mac. A new secondary HD is no big deal and i'm ready to recover my files.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated, as much as i already appreciate the ones you have already given me.

# 1 is the only way I would do it and you should do it soon because the file gets harder to get back the longer you take.
try to run unerase by simply putting the CD into the machine and running. you should beable to mount a netwrk drve and recover to there if that machine has no other drive.

What model is the mac?

what kind of HD do you have?

master and slave refer to IDE drives in new macs

Scsi addresses for scsi hard drives.

finally, don't believe anything on this forum.
Call Symantec customer support and get some professional advice. They can at least advise you if their product will do the trick.
hopefully your data files are just data with no resource fork. they are easier to recover.

Do not let norton update or fix anything on that disk. only save to another disk

If you are running virtual memory on that drive, there may already be a problem.
do not run any other programs

Sounds like your job is on the line...
you can determine what the data is worth.

At this moment, it is still there. reconstruction into files is another thing.

If you have accidentally deleted the folder and not able to recover don't panic. Search for data recovery Mac softwares over internet or use Stellar phoenix Mac data recovery software. This software has capability recover all type of deleted files and folders from Mac volumes. You can download demo version of this which will show the preview of recovered folder.

Just to note that the thread is dated 2001, but I'm sure someone could make use of the information you posted, oultra. :)