Unerasable items



I try for some hours to delete some files that are on differents hard disks of my computer. But there are undeletable files.

I tried to change owner, to change group. I was not allowed to do that on these files. I tried to change permissions (they are now all in rw for all users). I didn't change anything.

If I use rm -r command in terminal, I have next results :

rm: 501/Exercices EPFL/Anaglyphe: Operation not permitted
rm: 501/Exercices EPFL/Bouquet: Operation not permitted

Does someone has a method to delete these undeletable files ?

Thank you for any proposition.
Try booting from classic 9.1. You are most likely to be able to access all those files and delete them from there.

Yeah, booting into OS 9.1 is probably the easiest thing. Probably, the files are marked as locked, but it could be something else I guess. I've got some symbolic links that I can't delete for who-knows-what reason.