Unexpected eMac upgrade?


Apple Virgin
I've just got the Apple news email and they've upgraded the eMac.
I the (UK) Mac Format magazine, there was an article debating weather the emac would be canned.
Is this a shock to anyone?
New eMac Specs

It's made the eMac look very tempting to me! i'm looking at getting an more powerful mac, perhaps this is it! :D

Sorry if this is old news. It's the first i've heard of it.


Yeah, it was a very sneaky upgrade that came with the iMac G5 upgrade, so I can understand why not everyone will have noticed. I want an eMac or an iMac. If the eMac was faster, that'd be cool.


Apple Virgin
That they are! :cool:
apple are really going for the "budget" PC market now aren't they?
There's noo need now to buy those cheap Dell's and Advent PC's.

Oscar Castillo

Honestly, I think the eMac should be canned. The low-end 1.6 iMac could of been left int he lineup to takes its place.