Unicode & greek & web pages gggrrrr!!!!


Simply Daemonic
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Damn piece of sh*t!!!! Damn non standard crap!!!!
I have been making my web page in mac greek (well my greek counterpart anyway) and windoze users claim they cant read it! I tried the ISO8859-7 piece of cr@p (aka ELOT 928)...still the same :mad: I thought OS X would have been my salvation but no! :mad:

First of all no keyboard layout for greek :mad:
second, I do my pages in text edit, save em as unicode HTML and neither omni nor IE accept them :mad:

I turned on VPC, and coded one page in greek to see how it looks. It looks fine in windows IE but not on the mac side! It's gibberish! AARRGGGHHHH!!!! I am sick and tired of 10 ways to do stuff and there is no standard :mad: what the hell can I do ???? :mad: It's driving me insaaaane!!!!!

What I can do it either do it in greeklish (greek using roman characters) or use macgreek that I have in OS 9 :mad:

Anyone know if browsers even support unicode???? If so how can I do my job :mad:

Seems like everyone is doing their greek development on wintels :mad: even www.mac.gr which is a greek mac site!!!! what has this world come to ????

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ok I went mental
Solution: ? Write everything in ISO-8859-7. Its ok in IE, Netscape, and Omni. And it even works on the PC... how?? just leave the font unspecified.

Aaaahhh peace of mind
Well, I haven't kept up with rigorous HTML since the days of HTML 2.0 but it seems to me that the whole idea behind HTML used to be to leave out explicit font specification. HTML was supposed to control the flow of the document, not the exact look of it, in analogy with LaTeX, for example.

So, for the sake of your Mac brethren avoid using font tags, especially the ones specifying MS-specific fonts!
LOL .. the font tag is nice so long as you dont specify a font (for a non roman language)... for roman languages one can specify several font (arial, helvetica, times and so on) so if one is not there the other is.

The problem still exists though:( if I write something in greek then there is a possibility others on other platfroms wont be able to see it due to encoding probs, I have had people send me M$ powerpoint slides in greek and the greek doesnt show ... it's just a headache. Gimme unicode on all OSes, period.


Man... if only that sh!t worked right, the way it was meant to, the first time you did it, right??
This runs parallel with a little gig that
Jeffrey Zeldman is working with called WaSP.
They normally cover stuff like CSS and XML and DHTML, but it's all about making it work, regardless of platform, or browser.

I gotta tell ya, greek is a great looking language. If I wasn't so intense on learning Japanese right now, I'd give it a shot.

-glad you got it fixed, anyway.
LOL... yes if only it did work correct the first time ;)
but it did not lol... Greek finally worked (or mostly works.. I tested it out on OS X, OS 9 and win ME on a total of 10 browsers. In general it works although my CSS/javascript menus dont quite look cosher on some browsers... they work but are a little higher or a little lower than my intended height (which is the height I see in Netscape and IE on OS 9) lol :p

Japanese eh ???
I am starting Japanese and Russian next semester and moving on to german 301 (advanced german). I am finito with my italian minor... now if only I could find a nice italian girl to practice with lol ;) ... well can't have everything we want in life I guess ;)