Unicode support in browsers


Hi Mac users,

I would like Unicode letters for Malayalam language to be
displayed correctly in some browser. Note that other Indian
Languages (Hindi, Marathi, etc.) are getting displayed correctly.

None of Firefox 2.0*, Firefox 3.0RC1 or Safari displays Malayalam
fonts correctly.

No fonts other than: malayalam.ttf from
even displays correct characters.

A bunch of them from:
doesn't ever get displayed.

Firefox / Safari doesn't position the characters correctly, like certain
letters that should appear before the attaching character appears later.

I am using Mac OS 10.4.11 in Macbook Pro.

I am using the following websites which use malayalam:

These get displayed correctly both in Firefox and Internet Explorer in Windows.



Hi Atul, this isn't really a bug though Firefox 3 does now provides much better support for Unicode under OS X. The real problem with viewing Unicode Malayalam web pages is that you need a font with the correct tables in it for OS X. Nearly all of the ones available are designed for Windows or contain only OpenType tables which won't work under OS X.

There are a whole bunch of free Malayalam fonts available from the Government of India that just need to be modified for OS X. xenotypetech.com does this type of modification for 100 different Malayalam fonts that will work with Safari or Firefox. http://www.xenotypetech.com/malayalam_fonts.html