Unicode works beautifully!


...Was on a Japanese website in Internet Explorer, and everything came up beautifully rendered in kanji. Plus, I was able to select the text. Figuring what they hey, I hit copy, then fired up TextEdit and did paste ... and the characters stayed in kanji!

This is exciting because NT/2000, which is also Unicode, does not offer this ability. Selecting the same text off the same site and pasted into a number of different applications all resulted in rubbish.

Is this a simple case of OSX shipping with a kanji typeface that I'm not finding?

Specifically, of course, when the sites specify in the meta content tag either charset=x-sjis or Shift_JIS (there may be others, but those are the two I've found most frequently).

Ironically, it *doesn't* show up properly in the title tag.
A list of fonts shows that there are sets for practically every language, so presumably a web page in any language in theory should show up right (if it's coded in the meta tag correctly).

Dunno about the keyboard stuff, though.