Uninstall language packs


I know that there is a small application that can remove unwanted Language packs on OS X. The problem is that I forgot the Name and can't find it now :(
Hmm, bobw,, how the hell do you know all this things man?? hehe

So nice with guys like you arround when you need help :)
just be careful what you remove with those apps. if you select the wrong thing, you can leave your keyboard useless, and have to start your os from scratch.

(experience speaking here...)
By the way,, I am also looking for a REALLY GOOD tutorial how to install MySQL and PHP, and how to make the config. after?
well if you want the actual experience of doing it, then google, or search around del.icio.us a little bit. there's TONS of good tutorials.

On the other hand, if you just want it installed to USE, check out MAMP. It's free, and installs in a clean, standalone folder. So it's easy to remove when you don't want/need it anymore. VERY slick.
free too:
That was are really neat thingy :) I allready managed to install MySQL and PHP from a tutorial. As I am not a "programmer" I use Webmin for settings and so, but every time I restart my comuter the permissions for webmin and MySQL changes :(

Well well, I just have to skip sleeping tonight as well,, hehe