Uninstalling WebObjects

I just finnished installing WebObjects, expecting to be able to fool around with it. I found it is taking too much space and has installed a whole bunch of startup crap and now I don't want it any more! How can I get rid of it??

By the way, if anyone is interested in getting it, u can get it from ADC (http://www.apple.com/developer/).
I would be interested in knowing if you were installing it on Server 10.0 or not. I know quite a few WO developers who really don't need everything that comes with Server 10.0 (as well as the extra price), and have been sticking with Server 1.2 running WO 4.5 until they are sure that they can run 5.0 on Mac OS X 10.0 (though I know of at least one person who may take longer to upgrade because Objective C was dropped).
I've never seen a Server X box, let alone, run one :). By the way, isn't Server 10.0 just Client 10.0 with more security and extra admin programs?
Ya, I just didn't know if Apple had made it a requirement to do WO development (which it shouldn't be). Otherwise they are the same.