unix config / path manager

should unix config issues be handled by cocoa or be left alone to traditional tedium?

  • no; apple already encapsulates as much of unix as is needed: ie the right balance between protecting

  • no; as much of unix should be left untouched as possible: ie let "unix be unix" for the gurus, and t

  • yes; apple needs to extend its ease-of-use franchise deeply and broadly (ie unix/java) ASAP: ie it c

  • yes; without a complete cocoa-level abstraction of every unix nook & crany, ms DOT NET will become t

  • yes; but 'Mocca' should be the approach to 'touch' the guts of unix: ie let Java provide the abstrac

  • no; for other reasons than mentioned

  • yes; for other reasons than mentioned

  • not sure or no opininion

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since so many of the problems listed in osx in general (and the unix forum in particular) seem to come down to the path not resolving references correctly, perhaps someone knows about a generalized solution.

This would seem to involve a number of related issues (which hopefully have a cocoa-centric "services" solution):

1) packages which expect to be installed in a well know location (or activated on a well known port) etc ... this in turns raises questions about the XML-based filesystem 'properties' of an object

2) resources files which do not have an explict record structure (hence xml issues again)

3) installers which need to consult a system-wide registry (that is not as opaque as COM is on windows)

4) search tools which can querry on the public API of objects (but most of these unix-style entities and procedures lack precisely the whole concept of an OO API).

In other words, when trying to manage resources (think the equivelent of OpenView -- except for higher-level abstractions), osx seems to lack any system-wide facility .... most of the management tools from Apple are highly specific to just this or that particular configuration issue (eg cp's); and third-party tools dont seem to have a broad reach (eg some of the preference managers that have emerged).

Ideally, eg, when two different ssh are installed, there should be some kind of prompt that signals order-of-precedence in path ... and allows the user to make the necessary changes (by default in the GUI by drag'n'drop or radio-buttons or whatever, but also implictly with a menu-driven console as well).

Is there anyone who has spent a long enough time with both 'sides' of osx (ie unix and nextstep) who has a perspective on this?


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