unix layer vs. gui?


Rusher of Din
What exactly is the relationship between the unix layer and the gui? I don't see any of the directory hierarchies in Finder, which I admit is probably good for the average user. But I was installing NcFTPd and though I am logged in as a user, I'm not in /etc/passwd, so NcFTPd won't let me log in. I can of course just add myself to /etc/passwd, but I would like to know just how things are communicating, or not.


Originally posted by testuser
I'm not familial with NcFTP, but you may have to manually edit the /etc/passwd file if this is where it does look for settings.

Oh, I just realized something. NcFTPd's config file has the password file. Default is /etc/passwd. Does Darwin use /etc/masterpasswd?

Thanks, I will check that out. I meant that NcFTPd's config points to the passwd file. But after I ran chpass on the username, it was entered in /etc/passwd and all was fine. Interesting.