UnRAR for X


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I've tried the command-line version of unrar. I've tried Stuffit Expander. I've even tried Decode da Code. None of these programs can properly decode RAR segments that have long filenames. Does anyone know of a Mac OS X UnRAR program that can? Is anyone working on a long filename compatible port of MacUnRAR?

C'mon. It's been months now since Mac OS X was released. Someone other than me must be in need of this kind of utility!

Well, here we are again! I've just tried to install the unrar found at macosx.forked.net. I've followed the instructions, it appears to have installed but I have no idea how to use it. Any help would be appreciated, as usual!

I've tried following the program's built-in instructions (although I would consider them to be pretty cryptic) and the way I use it is a follows:

<BLOCKQUOTE><B>unrar x [filename.rar] [filename.avi]</B></BLOCKQUOTE>Obviously, the 'unrar' is needed to run the program. The 'x' determines use of exact filepath (or something like that) and seems to make the program work when otherwise it didn't for me. The [filename.rar] is the name of the rar file you'll open to decode this RAR. The [filename.avi] is the name you want the resulting file save as.

Here's an example using a RAR file group named example.rar (including example.r00, example.r01, and so forth) and a resulting file called example.mpg:

<BLOCKQUOTE><B>unrar x example.rar example.mpg</B></BLOCKQUOTE>It's possible you'll get a message while it chews on the first RAR segment that says something like, "ignoring 'example_movie.mpg'." This just means the RAR file was encoded expecting to use the name 'example_movie.mpg' and you're telling it to output to a different name. I'm not sure if this causes a problem or not, so I just stop the process (ctrl-c) and change the resulting filename to what the program is expecting (in this case 'example_movie.mpg'):

<BLOCKQUOTE><B>unrar x example.rar example_movie.mpg</B></BLOCKQUOTE>I've had hit-and-miss luck getting this program to work. Sometimes it works beautifully. Sometimes you're working with a bad collection or RAR segments. Sometimes it just doesn't see any data to decode (although a Windows unRAR program finds it perfectly).

Also, make sure to enclose the name or filepath of the [filename.rar] or [filename.mpg] in single quotes if there are any spaces included:

<BLOCKQUOTE><B>unrar x 'example with spaces.rar' 'example with spaces.mpg'</B></BLOCKQUOTE>Best of luck.
A ha! I'm trying it out right now with a huge mpg file. I did the following:

I changed the directory to the correct one before starting

I didn't choose a filename for the resulting file. Instead I let it use the real one.

It's currently chewing through a 600MB mpeg file...

still chewing...although the hard drive is hardly moving.

I'll be back when I know what's up. I know this archive works because I've already unrar'd it on Virtual PC.

Ouch. Well, I'm trying to unrar the large mpeg I have and it seems to be working but it is incredibly SLOW. It's chewed through the first 4 parts of 42 in 25 minutes...VPC is faster, that is for sure.

In truth, I'm not even positive it's working yet. :)

But, it is native!

I tried it again with a smaller file and it worked great! This time, instead of changing the directory to the file first, i just typed: "unrar x" (no quotes) and dragged the file into the console. Worked like a charm.

Not only that, but I'm trying the very large, 40 part rar file again and it is chewing right through it!

Could it be I can have life without VPC?! woo hoo!

Now, how to go about writing the GUI for unrar... :)