Unreal for OS X?


I read somewhere there was a OS X patch made. I have the PC CD that I never use anymore, can I get it to run on my Mac with this patch???


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I knew about (and have installed on my system) Unreal Tournament for Mac OS X... but I hadn't heard about Unreal.

As for using a PC installation disk, if it was an Id game I'd say it should work just fine... but for Unreal, I honestly don't know.


I had a copy of unreal that ran on OS 8.5 the graphics and game play where amazing on my Bondi Blue iMac 233 MHz ! Guess those where the day that apple had the hardware edge.

Think MacSoft made the port and before MacOS X came out stop supporting Unreal; there last update to the game, besides the usual improvements, was a no cd crack which was really nice of them.

I don't know if they ever did one for MacOS X?


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Check the site (ravensoft.com I believe) and see if they have an executable that will allow the game to run natively on OS X. I know some other games have done that and all you need to do is supply the game files from the original CD.


Nevermind. I just searched Google and went to EpicGames, which has the Unreal titles. Nothing there stating Unreal for Macintosh, even though it's showing the Apple icon.

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As far as I know, there is no Unreal app or patch for OS X. The only one done was Glenda Adams (co-founder of Westlake Interactive, moved to Aspyr) for Unreal Tournament. And it never really got developed fully and was unofficial. It required the Mac version of the game CD to work.

Unless you have an older OS 9 bootable Mac, not much you can do.