Unreal Tournament works with MacOS X + 9.2.1


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Yes it's true! I just ran Unreal Tournament under Classic with MacOS 9.2.1 within MacOS X 10.0.4 and it ran beautifully! It never worked when I had 9.1 on my Classic partition. Amazing...

Now I'm going to try it with the OpenGL ini files and see if it really rocks even more...
What do you mean, it runs beautyfully? Does it have framerates that are really playable?
Yes, totally playable framerates - well over 30fps at 800x600. I'm running it on a 500MHz G4 Sawtooth system, so with 66MHz PCI and 2x AGP it's not like I have massive bus width. My display card is a Radeon.

There are occasional pauses that I'm trying to eliminate, but during testing my system was running Apache and a bunch of support services. I'd like to find a hack that would let me give higher priority to a running process so I could essentially shut down the Window Manager (which does a huge amount of memory-juggling) while a game is running.

I tried running with the built-in OpenGL support and found no significant difference, but I need to go back and do a little more messing around to find an optimal arrangement.

I'm guessing that 10.1 will speed things up even more, but we'll see!