"unsupported" install sucesses?


I am hoping to install on a UMAX clone w/ G3 upgrade & Ultra SCSI2 card/drives as it is just sitting around unused. Alternatively I will have to use a supported iMac.

So was just wondering what successes people have had on installing on older machines - especially ones with upgrades.

- tk
I feel for you. I've got a G3 upgraded Starmax 3160. (Gee, am I retro?) I know DP3 and 4 had the unsupported option and I heard of a few successful installs on Starmax's. Anyone our there get OS X on a clone??

Clone users unite!


Someone on the xlr8yourmac boards claimed sucess on a PowerTower Pro... just FYI. I'm hoping I can get it on my G3 upgraded PowerCenter Pro, although I'm somewhat skeptical at this point. I'll let you know if I have any sucess!

I am also looking to install MAC OSX on a PowerCenter Pro. I have a PowerLogix PowerForce G3 upgrade
I need more memory before I can install X anyway but I am doing the research in the meantime.
Anyone have any success.