UnZip 5.41 on OSX

unzip 5.22 is installed on my machine and works fine.
But I installed the dev tools, and I can't remember if it was there before.
I assume you have checked if it is there?

well huh. 8) It was already installed. (I have the dev tools as well so I don't know if it was there before either) I never thought of checking, I just assumed it wasn't. I have version 5.20. It'd be cool to have v5.41, but I'm not picky. Thanks for the heads up.

what's the advantage of this over just using OpenUp or StuffIt? Is it more compatible or something?
for the average user there is no advantage. For me, I needed something that I could script via the shell. As far as I could tell neither OpenUp nor Stuffit had that functionality. I have to write a small app that recursively opens up thousands of DOS zipped files looking for a specific file. So, perl and unzip are doing the trick for me.