Up-To-Date Program Confirmed @ CompUSA!!!


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CompUSA IS participating in the Up-To-Date Program. Just bring in your proof of purchase starting Saturday to get your copy!!!!!


Is that getting a free copy or a $19.95 copy?

(I realize we will not know that until it happens, but hey someone might know?!)

Apple has implied that if you get the copy from a store it (might) be free, according to the sales person I spoke with, and by what the web site says.
My questions exactly. Is the CompUsa ugrdade only going to be an update and requiring 10.0 to use or will it include a full 10.1? The Apple update program for 20 bucks seems to be a full verion of 10.1 according to the web site. Any ideas?
All I know is that a CompUSA rep told me that they are "honoring Apple's Up-To-Date program in thier stores, starting Saturday for OS X 10.1"

Whis I had more info, but that's all I got.

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I called CompUSA before I checked this thread, and they said they have not been selected by Apple to participate, thus will not be offering the update.
I called the local CompUSA (Parsippany, NJ) and they said they will not be offering a free 10.1 upgrade on Saturday..

I called thier corporate sale headquarters to find out and they said that they would honor it in all their stores..... Then she tried to sell me on Windows XP, so I hung up.

I was told this afternoon that not all Compusa stores were participating, only a relative few and each of those stores were only recieving 100 copies apiece. This was related to me by Compusa. sigh.
I called my local CompUSA in Michigan and they said they are offering the free upgrade to those who bring in a receipt or a box with original media. Good news for some. I hope everyone else fares as well. This entire update has been a complete farce thus far.
The Apple rep at the CompUSA in Midtown Manhattan told me today that they would NOT be participating.

I'm calling J&R tomorrow (if they're open yet - they're a couple of blocks from the WTC).
Last I heard J&R didn't even make plans to reopen yet. They are working online and via mail, but they didn't know when they would be able to open the store yet.
Dropped in at a Comp USA in Edison, NJ yesterday, and picked up my copy of 10.1. No questions asked, just walked up to the service counter, asked for it, and got the package. Didn't need to show any proof of purchase.

There was no sign indicating anything about OS X.

I'd suggest just going down & asking...