Upcoming Games?

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I know that Warcraft 3 is coming up, and i'm pretty excitied about that. Anyone else know of some cool games coming up within the next year?
Everquest and they are devbeloping a MMRPG of Star Wars that I'd also like to see in X. If sony got thier act in gear they could have the biggest geeks in the world (unix geeks) playing.
I'm the gaming guru of this place...it looks like. *sigh*

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 will be coming to OS X sometime in March (2002).
The Sims has been said to be coming to OS X.
Halo is being ported to OS X.
Unreal 2 will be coming soon.
Quake 3 has been updated (new patch) for OS X.
Warcraft III is coming up as well.
There has been rumars going around about Myst III coming on to OS X.
There has also been rumars concerning Mudpie coming to Mac OS X as well.
Age Of Empires is suppost to join the OS X games list.
Madden NFL 2002 is suppost to join the OS X games list as well.

That's all for now. I can get more if you want.
Sims already runs in X.

I have heard that Star Trek Elite Force will make the jump to X.

I, too, would REALLY love to see EverQuest make it to X.
It's the only reason I bring a laptop home from the office...