Update 10.0.2 killed my Wallstreet (OS X boot) - HELP


I installed the 10.0.2 update via the software control panel on my Powerbook (Wallstreet) 250 MHz/13" (192 MB of RAM). The download and install went smoothly, but as soon as I restarted MacOS X will no longer boot. The gray screen with the happy Mac appears, but before any spinning cursor appears we are done. The computer does not progress from this point.

I switched to booting from OS 9.1 and switched back, but my OS X partition is done for the day.

I even re-installed from the OS X CD (to start over), but no use (I didn't erase the partition first).

So be warned - AND HELP!!!!!
Try a verbose boot(command-v at startup). Sometimes the computer seems to be just sitting there but is just doing something without telling you. I had a crash in 9 when I was running the PB that made the 9 partition unbootable. When I booted off the OS X PB partition it took about 30 minutes to get to the startup screen and what had happened was it was repairing the OS 9 partition.
Thanks for the reply, but I have let it sit a long time and even the beach ball won't come up. I have verified all the partitions after booting in 9.1 and all is well. I am pretty sure it is stuck.

I have seen this from others in the Apple forums. My guess is that some device driver added in 10.0.2 is dying in start (SCSI?). Doesn't seem to effect machines without SCSI (mine has one built).
Well if you do a verbose boot you can find out for sure and call tech support or post the last line displayed before it stops. If its the scsi that's a bummer. Sorry that I can't help you anymore than this :(.