Updated itunes with software update and now...


I installed the most recent itunes update and immediatly after, encountered this problem:

I will be browsing in a window, it doesnt matter which, and my open window will be put in the background and Finder will come to the foreground. So I have to click to return to the window I was just working in so I can continue. Then it will happen again, for instance I was writing this in this text window on these forums, and finder (or something) jumps to the Finder Window, therefore this window isnt active anymore and i have to click back on safari to enter more txt.

This only happened after i installed the itunes 5 update and the problem keeps happening even if itunes is closed. My front window Switches to FINDER and its soo tediously annoying! Please help me so I can stop exiting out of finder each 1 minute and clicking back into my original window! :)



saw you're thread but had no clues at all on how to help you out as I never faced the "jumping finder window" syndrome, sorry :eek:

thanks for reverting with the solution you found, might be usefull to others in this forum who might run into the same problem :)