Updates updates and more update rumours


softer than ever!
Once again the rumours abound about a 10.0.5 update with DVD, finder improvements, etc... plus a 10.0.6 update within weeks (appleonlooker- kind of getting into a mean forum, too).

I remember following this site like mad and loving the thrill of the, um, "pre-released" 10.0.1 updates. To hell with waiting. Heck, if you can't afford to format your HDD every now and then, you should be elsewhere.

Anyway, does anyone think this is for real this time, or even better, have a 10.0.5 package yet? Seems to me things are stagnating at 10.0.3 4P13 and we'll probably end up needing a CD to upgrade after Macworld in July.

Enough ranting.