updating programs like StuffIt


I ran StuffIt 6.0 and it said there's a new one I should consider installing. So I did. I downloaded the thingie and went through the installation. A new folder called Stuff It Lite 6.5 is created. I ran Stuff it again (like when downloading another program) and it again asked me if I want to install 6.5. I checked and indeed it is still 6.0 that is executed by default. I renamed the current Stuff It Expander and created a symbolic link to the Stuff It Expander in the new folder Stuff It Lite 6.5. Still no luck.

Any idea how I can make stuffed files be unstuffed by the new one I sort of have installed? Do I put the new folder somewhere I did not know about? Do I tell the system that stuffed files should be unstuffed by this new location?

Muchas gracias!
You do this in X the same way you'd do it in Mac OS 9. If you're using Internet Explorer: Explorer menu -> Preferences -> File Helpers. Find the file extensions you want to associate with the new application like .zip, .sit and others. Click "Change" make sure "post process with application" is selected, click "browse" next to the application icon at the bottom, and pick the new version of expander.
Cool . I will try that. Sorry, but I am a Windows/Linux user; first time using a Mac.

Now if I double click on an sit file on my harddrive, indeed 6.5 is launched. I made that possible by making a symbolic link to the updated expander. But is there a way in Mac just as with this IE method I made to associate a file extension with a certain program? In other words, instead of making a symbolic link, is there a way to say well, the sit file is not to be opened with this StuffIt but with that StuffIt. Is there a way?

just delete your old stuffit version, why have you still kept it anyway? the big shit is when you have stuffit deluxe, now there s a program that sucks, always opening instead of stuffit engine, and never unstuffs til you ask it, the n you get -1 errors. stick with stuffit lite. and delete your old vs. also, stuffit etc are carbon apps, so you can just create shortcuts to them in 9 if you like.